Pro Frost ,Proplyene Glycol, and Pro Therm, Ethylene Glycol, is used in commercial and industrial applications as a heat transfer fluid. Our heat transfer fluid is custom blended with deionized water to your project specific specifications and dyed in color. Product can be inhibited or uninhibited depending on projects needs. Formulated for secondary cooling and heating applications, for freeze and burst protection of pipes, and for various deicing, defrosting, and dehumidifying applications. The operating range of Pro Heat Transfer Fluid is –60 to +250 F and water solutions will provide freeze protection to below –60 F with burst protection to below –100 F.


Directional Boring accomplishes many of the underground fiber internet lines and sewer pipes that society call for these days, or that we as a society call for these days. Maintaining boring machines in the winter months can be challenging. Our Pro Boring Anti-Freeze ensures that even the toughest Wisconsin winters won’t harm or freeze up your equipment. Formulated to meet environmental standards in Wisconsin and Michigan for proper environmental discharge. Blended with pure glycol and deionized water for optimal performance and not cut with any alcohols. Alcohols can lead to damage the pumps, seals and metal in the boring equipment.


Pro Marine/RV Antifreeze is a nontoxic, alcohol free, propylene glycol with corrosion inhibitor additive and that is blended with de-ionized water. It is formulated to protect potable water system pipes and marine engine.

Pro Marine/RV Antifreeze is available in three levels of burst protection, -200 degrees F, -100 degrees F, and -50 degrees F.


As the temperature drops below the freezing point of the antifreeze, it will crystallize and slush. The antifreeze won’t expand, however, until it reaches the burst point of that specific product.