Automotive lubricants

Plymouth Lubricants has been providing superior products and outstanding customer service since 1948. We offer a wide variety of lubricants, all backed by extensive warranties and product guarantees. You can be confident that the products you receive from Plymouth Lubricants meet or exceed industry standards for performance and quality.


  • Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
    • 5W20 Synthetic Blend
    • 5W30 Synthetic Blend
    • 10W30 Synthetic Blend
  • Full Synthetic Motor Oil
    • 0W20 Full Synthetic Dexos
    • 5W30 Full Synthetic Dexos
    • 5W20 Full Synthetic
    • 5W40 Full Synthetic Euro
    • 0W16 Full Synthetic


  • Automatic Transmission Fluid
    • Dexron 3 / Mercon
  • Full Synthetic Multi Vehicle Transmission Fluid
  • Gear Oil
  • Automotive Grease


  • Extended Life Coolant
  • Global Coolant
  • Nitrite-Free Antifreeze


Plymouth Lubricant’s committed sales team has the knowledge and experience required to guarantee you and/or your company receive the appropriate services for your automotive needs.

We believe in putting customers first and foremost every day. We pride ourselves on our high level of personal attention, courtesy, and respect to each and every individual.

  • Electronic Tank Monitoring
  • Equipment Installation & Repair
  • Equipment Sales & Loans
  • Oil Analysis
  • Static Stickers
  • Vendor Managed Inventory