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 American Express



  • Terms are Net 10 Days from statement date.


  • Unpaid finance charges will be treated as any other charges to the account. Any finance charge levied on the account is expected to be paid in full by the date of the statement.  The non-payment of a finance charge will place the account on C.O.D.


  • All special requests, dated billings, and/or adjustments to an account must have proper paperwork completed for request and approved by the finance department.


  • All new customers must complete the proper credit application and be approved through our Accounts Receivable department.


  • All accounts that reach the 0 to 30 day status after the Net 10 days agreed to are surpassed will receive a phone call from our Accounts Receivable department. If the balance expected is not paid by the next statement run the account status will be turned to C.O.D. following one last phone call giving a final date for payment.


  • Customers who have been switched to C.O.D. will be given ONE chance. The first time a customer is put on C.O.D. status they will be allowed to charge when the entire account is paid in full (including all finance charges).  The second time a customer is placed on C.O.D status, they will not be able to obtain credit again.


  • Co-op claims will not be paid to any customer whose receivable is in arrears. If the account is brought      current within 60 days of ad date, claims will be accepted.


  • Reimbursements due as a result of vendor agreements will be applied to receivable balance if customer accounts receivable is in arrears.





If your business is tax exempt please fill out a sales tax exempt form and drop off, email or fax it to Betty Brunsman.


Betty Brunsman

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p:(563) 582-7291 ext. 110

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